Sunday, August 31, 2008

If extra help is needed for E-Comm after Hurricane

Information for Amateur volunteers link

--- In, "w9twr" wrote:
> Good Morning everyone! With the Hurricane headed for our Gulf coast,
> there is a "SLIGHT" chance that ARES could be asked to deploy and help
> with communications. I am putting together a list of ARES members who
> would be able to go to the Gulf coast "if" needed. If you are an ARES
> member, and could travel to the Gulf coast if asked to thru ARES,
> please drop me an e-mail to And please..NO-SELF
> DEPLOYMENT. There was a problem with good samaritians going down on
> their own during Katrina, and getting mixed in with the wrong groups.
> This actually impeded communications. Now, after saying that, please
> know that this is JUST IN CASE we are asked to go down. We want to be
> ready if needed. So if you can go IF asked to, please shoot me that
> email. Thanks everyone, and 73's to all! Jerry Boling
> W9TWR Assistant EC for Vigo Co.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is the 300 foot tower that was located on the top of Terre Haute's City Hall building. It was actually built into the building during construction (pre WW2). The entire thing has solid steel legs and cross members. Members of the W.V.A.R.A., Vigo and Clark County ARES, and Illiana Skywarn all helped in disassembling and removing the tower once it was laid on the ground. It is now part of the W.V.A.R.A.'s inventory. The people below are just a few of the entire crew.

Vigo County ARES set up a station in one of the back rooms of the Vigo County EMA building. We relayed information from Illiana SkyWarn to the group working in the conference room down the hall. If anything, it was an excellent opportunity to test our deployment capabilities and get to work with two served agencies, Vigo EMA and the Red Cross.
Here are some pictures from N9YRX and WT9I of the flooding and activities to save Harborside Healthcare. Unfortunately the water was faster than we were in the end.
June 7th 2008

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