Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ryves Hall Youth Center Christmas Toy Night

Jim Edwards (KA9DIF) called upon local amateur radio operators to assist with the gift giving event at Ryves Hall Youth Center on December 23rd. John Van Sandt, N9YRX took point on recruiting operators on the Clark County ARES net (146.520) on Wednesday night, the Vigo County ARES net (146.685 -/151.4 Hz) Sunday morning and then on the WVARA net (146.685 -/151.4 Hz) during Sunday night.

Besides John and Jim, also in attendance were Nick Vinardi (N9WG), Jerry Boling (W9TWR) and Dave Hudgens (WT9I). Two operators stayed upstairs and coordinated with two other operators downstairs at the toy tables. We were able to keep a steady flow of children without too much congestion.

It was a great thing to be a part of and was a great way for two different ARES groups to volunteer our time and ham radio abilities to help children who may not get too much under the tree this Christmas.

You can see some pictures of the event at the Vigo County ARES Photobucket Site.

If you would like to watch the News 10 coverage for this event you can go to their link Ryves Hall Christmas

Thanks Jim for allowing us to help you once again.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Indiana Guard Reserve

On Wednesday December 17th a group of local ARES members met with LTC (IN) Spencer L. Gibbs of the Indiana Guard Reserve. He made a presentation concerning the need to utilize the communications abilities of local amateur radio operators. Below is a copy of one of the emails I put on our club list serve.

If you would like to get in touch with LTC (IN) Spencer L. Gibbs, his contact info is below.

LTC (IN) Spencer L. Gibbs USA ret.
Indiana Guard Reserve Communications/Electronics Officer
Master Military Emergency Management Specialist
Tel: 317 745 2134 Cell: 317 538 2636 email (see From: above)
N9DVL 147.130- 88.5 PL/444.575+ 88.5PL

The web site for the Indiana Guard Reserve is:

This immediate area in Indiana is under the jurisdiction of the 3rd Brigade, which is commanded by MAJ Harold Hensley. On the left hand side of their web page is a list of links that are full of great information about this group, way better than I could explain in my email. If you wish to join, there is a link for that as well and numbers to contact members.

They explained their need for amateur radio operators living in Indiana who were willing to volunteer their time and use their knowledge, along with additional training they will provide to communicate with other IGR Brigades and agencies.

Dave Hudgens - WT9I
West Terre Haute, Indiana

Emergency Coordinator: Vigo County ARES®
Assistant Coordinator: Illiana Skywarn
Member of the W.V.A.R.A.
Member of the ARRL


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