Sunday, September 21, 2008

Volunteers needed for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Local hams if you would like to participate, contact
Jerry Boling W9TWR

[Inares] Posted For Mike N9FEB
I am needing volunteers for this first-ever Indianapolis Monumental
Marathon to be held on the streets of downtown Indianapolis. It is a
26-mile marathon that goes from downtown, around the new Colts
Stadium, north to 71st Street and back downtown using many local
streets, such as Pennsylvania, Washington Blvd, College, around Butler
Campus, 38th Street, and Meridian Street.

The marathon will be held on Saturday, November 1st and hams will be on locations around 7am.

I have completed my plan and am needing a total of 45 hams ... of
which I only have 14 signed up at this time. I know its early on, but
I never wait for the last minute on events of this size.

Hams are needed at each of the Water Stations around the course and at
the three hospitals that may be used. We are also asked to be at
every milemarker for the start of the race so the timer folks can all
start their stop-watches simultaneously. Hams will be assigned to
Water Stations, but be required to go to a pre-designated milemarker
for the start, THEN go to the assign Water Station, so let me know if
you have any walking difficulties. Some of the milemarkers will have
to be driven to.

With this plan, there are 12 milemarkers that will only require a ham
radio operator to be there at the start, then be released to go home
or wherever. These hams will only be needed for a period of one-hour,
so if time is short for you, please let me know so I can assign you to
one of these positions.

If you can help all-day, then let me know that.

I want to thank all those hams who have support Marion County in these
large events in the past and to those who continue to support them.
No one can do what we do during these events, and that is track
runners who are no longer running; those who are receiving medical
attention and those who have been transported to hospitals.

Please support this event ... thank you.

Michael R. Palmer, N9FEB
Marion County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Emergency
Coordinator (EC)
Volunteer Staff Coordinator for EMA
(317) 849-3602 (home)
(317) 753-8691 (cell)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vigo County ARES at the Red Cross Annual Family Fun & Safety Fair

On September 20th, Vigo County ARES participated in the Wabash Valley Red Cross Annual Family Fun and Safety Fair. We took the ARES mobile communications trailer out to the location and started setting up at 10:15 local time. In attendance for setup were N9YNF (the DEC for this area), K9ERE (Illiana Skywarn assistant coordinator), and myself WT9I (Vigo County ARES EC). A little while later W9OOT (Vigo County ARES AEC and Net Coordinator) and N9FMD (Vigo County ARES Pager Coordinator and liaison to the LEPC)showed up to help man and later take down the station. We had the whole system up and running in 30 minutes and made a few 20 meter contacts while on the scene, one to the South Eastern DX Club and another to the Washington State QSO Party - both on a 20 meter ham stick from the back of the trailer! It was a great day and it gave me a chance to meet with a few local representative from the Red Cross and Vigo County Emergency Management Agency. We even got a few non hams into the trailer to check out the setup. Even though it was not a blockbuster crowd, it gave us some time to talk about the upcoming SET on October 4th and to nail down some more ideas. All in all, it was a great time.

73 de WT9I

Monday, September 15, 2008

2008 Vigo County Amateur Radio Emergency Services: Simulated Emergency Test

The first weekend in October is the official Simulated Emergency Test set up by the Amateur Radio Relay League for testing emergency communications both locally and nation wide. As the Emergency Coordinator for Vigo County ARES, I have chosen to use October 4th as our testing date. I would like to involve some specific agencies in Vigo County in this communications test, as well as invite other ARES, RACES, and EMA offices from other surrounding counties to participate in this event. The agencies and locations in Vigo County I would like to include are the Vigo County EMA, Terre Haute Red Cross, Union Hospital, Regional Hospital, and the Vigo County Fairgrounds.

In the floods earlier this year and during previous severe weather events, I have learned over and again that county and state borders mean nothing when you fellow neighbor is asking you for assistance. So please feel free it contact me if you would like to participate from you county hospital, EMA office, or other served agency.

You can see my plans for the event at the top, left corner of this web page.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Emergency Frequencies

Here is a page that is completely devoted to getting many of the Hurricane Emergency net frequencies all in one spot.

So you may want to listen in later on. Stay up to date with the ARRL and DHS by looking at the left hand side of this page.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Be aware of the weather in the next few days. It appears that as of the latest update on the NWS site that the remnants of Ike will pass very close to us by the beginning of the week.

Those of you who are able might want to keep an ear on the hurricane watch nets when the health and welfare traffic begins and hope all of those folks down there heed the warnings and get out of the affected area.

Dave WT9I

Sunday, September 7, 2008

2008 Parke County Covered Bridge Festival Special Event

2008 Parke County Covered Bridge Festival Special Event
The Wabash Valley Amateur Radio Association, Inc., is hosting a series of special event stations for the 2008 Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County, Indiana. The call signs used will be: W9P, W9A, W9R, W9K, & W9E. Suggested operating frequencies are 3.870 MHz, 7.265 MHz, 14.250 MHz, 21.340 MHz, & 28.430 MHz.
Click here to download a one-page brochure with full details, including the proposed operating schedule.
The stations will be on the air during each day of the festival, which runs October 10, 2008, through October 19, 2008. Every day the call signs rotate through the bands being worked. This will give all amateurs the best chance to work all 5 stations, regardless of their location.
Upon request, stations will receive a QSL card from each special event call worked. In addition, they will receive a special certificate if they contact all 5 special event calls.

To request QSL cards and certificates, send your QSL card to:


Post Office Box 81

Terre Haute IN 47808-0081

Operator Sign-Up
If you wish to operate one of the special event call signs during the 2008 Covered Bridge Festival, please contact John VanSandt, N9YRX, at n9yrx@hotmail,com to be added to the schedule. Operators can sign up for one or more 2-hour blocks. Click on the links below to view the current signup sheets for each day of the activity.
A special certificate will be available for those who operate one or more of the special event stations.

John W. Van Sandt
1302 Beech St.
Marshall, ILL 62441
Ph 217-826-8821

ARRL ARES® Clark County ILL Emergency Coordinator
For present location:***&terra=4

WVARA News and Information

Storm Prediction Center Tornado/Severe Thunderstorm Watches

National Hurricane Center (Atlantic)

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