Monday, September 15, 2008

2008 Vigo County Amateur Radio Emergency Services: Simulated Emergency Test

The first weekend in October is the official Simulated Emergency Test set up by the Amateur Radio Relay League for testing emergency communications both locally and nation wide. As the Emergency Coordinator for Vigo County ARES, I have chosen to use October 4th as our testing date. I would like to involve some specific agencies in Vigo County in this communications test, as well as invite other ARES, RACES, and EMA offices from other surrounding counties to participate in this event. The agencies and locations in Vigo County I would like to include are the Vigo County EMA, Terre Haute Red Cross, Union Hospital, Regional Hospital, and the Vigo County Fairgrounds.

In the floods earlier this year and during previous severe weather events, I have learned over and again that county and state borders mean nothing when you fellow neighbor is asking you for assistance. So please feel free it contact me if you would like to participate from you county hospital, EMA office, or other served agency.

You can see my plans for the event at the top, left corner of this web page.

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