Sunday, August 31, 2008

If extra help is needed for E-Comm after Hurricane

Information for Amateur volunteers link

--- In, "w9twr" wrote:
> Good Morning everyone! With the Hurricane headed for our Gulf coast,
> there is a "SLIGHT" chance that ARES could be asked to deploy and help
> with communications. I am putting together a list of ARES members who
> would be able to go to the Gulf coast "if" needed. If you are an ARES
> member, and could travel to the Gulf coast if asked to thru ARES,
> please drop me an e-mail to And please..NO-SELF
> DEPLOYMENT. There was a problem with good samaritians going down on
> their own during Katrina, and getting mixed in with the wrong groups.
> This actually impeded communications. Now, after saying that, please
> know that this is JUST IN CASE we are asked to go down. We want to be
> ready if needed. So if you can go IF asked to, please shoot me that
> email. Thanks everyone, and 73's to all! Jerry Boling
> W9TWR Assistant EC for Vigo Co.

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